Welcome to Our Website!

I did a redesign to try and consolidate our stuff. This isn't going to be anything fancy, just a spot for Andrea and I to put up some photos, videos and other things about our life together. As most know, we have an addition to our family, Warren. Now Andrea has to deal with 3 kids...Warren, Earl (our horse of a dog) and me. Luckily she only has to change diapers on one of us.

Just a little info about us: We've been together since 1999 and got married in 2008. She is now employed at Penn State Unniversity and I'm employed at Time Warner Cable as a Backup Administrator. I started with Adelphia Communications in 2004 and was held onto when TWC took over our Coudersport office. Right now our lives revolve around our boy, but we still find time to enjoy little things. I play fast-pitch softball in the summer time and when I have downtime I love to fire up my PS3 and play Call of Duty and a few sports games.